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Yeotown: The Definitive Home of Complete Wellbeing

Yeotown is a high quality, refined, mind & body wellbeing experience. With a selection of stylish, interior designed rooms, our aim is to offer a personable, finely crafted, mindfully curated, premium wellness escape aimed at those who are committed to investing in themselves by taking charge of their health and mental wellbeing.  We are the first choice for discerning individuals searching for a unique, authentic, world-class yet nurturing wellness centred experience where they can learn new yet accessible ways to enjoy life to the fullest with more clarity, purpose and strength.

Yes, we’ve won some great awards and yes, we’ve welcomed everyone from celebrities to stay at home parents, to CEO’s, people recovering from illness and even Olympians but that’s not why we get up in the morning. What gives us meaning and purpose is to share with others our tried, tested and proven Yeotown Mind + Body formula we have developed for over 13 years. Yeotown will show you how taking time to reboot your health will pay untold dividends in the long term. As people are living longer, we see a need to ensure the extra years we are living are spent as pain free, agile, strong and healthy as possible. Think ‘wellgevity’ versus longevity.

We’re not a spa and we’re not a boot camp. We’re not a yoga retreat or a weight loss programme. We’re not about pampering or punishing, and we don’t promise a quick fix but we are about nurturing and nourishing. We are an authentic wellness spaces focused on supporting you to make healthier life choices and showing you not only how great you will feel but how to sustain this new outlook when you leave us. We know what foods provide us greater, sustained energy, how your body needs (and wants) to move. For years we’ve tested inspiring bio-hacks from cold-water immersion, to forest bathing to fermented foods to strengths training to mindful breathwork and everything else in between. We know first hand what encourages an uplifting sense of wellbeing and joy, and what brings calm to an overburdened, stressed out mind, body and spirit. That’s what we share with you, and as a team we work diligently to take care of you.

Some of our guests leave feeling and looking trimmer than when they arrived, delighted to shed a few unwanted inches. We see this as a welcome side-effect of adopting a more conscious approach to nurturing your mind, body and sense of self. We are however more interested in what you will gain versus what you will lose. We are essentially about trying to become more intelligent than our habits, creating a new ‘auto-pilot’ for the mind, making it stronger and less easily distracted by every thought that pops into it. We believe one cannot have a sincere conversation about what constitutes a healthy lifestyle, without including the importance of cultivating a healthy mind and mental health. This is why ‘strong in body, clear in mind’ is our motto and vision. Tending to our physical and mental health in equal measure is at the heart of what we do. This is essence of our signature award-winning program, The Yeotox.

Our flagship Yeotown Wellness Retreat is based in North Devon, one of the most picturesque areas of the UK. We are just 15 minutes from the wild, breath-taking Atlantic and the dramatic hills and valleys of Exmoor National Park. In November 2022, we opened a second sister location on the beautiful island of Madeira. We now open the doors to both havens of health each week, all year round, to nurture, guide and support you.


Yeotown is renowned for doing more than your typical wellness spa, boot camp, weight loss programme or yoga detox retreat. Consequently, winning the coveted Tatler Award for ‘Life-Changing Spa’ and the Conde Nast Traveller Award for ‘Best Spa Retreat UK’. We use our proven formula to help you achieve a high level of wellbeing by offering inspiring ways to take control of your mind and body; the added bonus of any weight loss is a side effect of our energising programme. We run our 5-day signature Yeotox by Yeotown programme each week, all throughout the year in both Devon and Madeira.

At Yeotown, we have spent over 14 years working with people just like you. Forget temporary solutions offered by juice fasting retreats, bootcamps and weight loss holidays. We promise that whatever your background or current level of health and fitness, we can help you achieve your goals. We invite you to take ownership of your health, control of your wellbeing and boost your life to that next level of engagement, achievement and enjoyment with us.


Yeotown’s very special location in the rustic and unspoiled wilds of North Devon brings its own unexpected rewards. Hiking across the moors in a fine mist that suddenly clears to reveal an awe inspiring view of Devon’s expansive Atlantic coast while breathing in big breaths of fresh, clean air, will not only help improve your physical being but also connect you back to a sense of inner wellness, freedom and purpose. This connection to self might be difficult to attain until you take the time out for yourself to recharge and destress.

Experience the healing powers of nature by simply being active and outdoors with us come rain or shine. In recognising this, we differ from many more traditional UK spas, health farms and retreats. We offer the opportunity to transform your life, whilst in the rustic luxury comfort of a ‘home away from home’.

Yeotown the property itself centres around a beautifully restored 17th century farmhouse surrounded by 40 acres of rolling fields with the enticing River Yeo running through its backyard. Surrounded by a variety of trees, lush forests, organic orchards, and rolling hills, Yeotown Devon is truly one of the most beautiful backdrops in the UK to retreat to focus on yourself and your wellbeing. Click on the link below for more details about our award-winning 5 day weekly weekly retreats.

Gift Cards – Give the Gift of Health to your Loved Ones

If you are looking for a unique experience versus more things for that special someone, why not get in touch with us about our always popular Yeotown gift certificates for either our Devon or Madeira location. 

Perhaps you know someone whose own needs are constantly being eclipsed by the needs of others, and deserving of a little time to take care of themselves for a change? Maybe a friend or loved one is battling back from ill health, burnout or long covid, and in desperate need of a kickstart towards optimal health and wellbeing? Perhaps you and some friends are looking to pool together to buy a special gift to support a mate who is going through a big life change and would benefit greatly from taking time out to regroup and get stronger in body and clearer in mind this coming year? 

There are plenty of reasons to give the gift that truly keeps on giving this holiday season. Please feel free to e-mail us at welcome@yeotown.com or ring on +44 (0) 1271 343 803 if you wish to purchase a gift certificate, or with any questions you may have.

Upcoming Special Guest Collaborations

Cold Water Immersion Retreat U.K. with Paul Irwin – Devon

Wednesday 3rd July- Sunday 7th July 2024

Dive into a transformative experience with Yeotown’s upcoming Cold Water Immersion (CWI) retreat at our Devon location. Led by our resident CWI expert, Paul Irwin, this unique addition to our renowned Yeotox programme invites you to embrace the invigorating benefits of cold water immersion.

Throughout the week, participants will have the opportunity to complement their regular Yeotox activities with refreshing cold dips. Beyond the exhilarating sensation, cold water immersion has been linked to reducing inflammation, enhancing circulation, and fortifying the immune system. Join us for a week of wellness where the power of nature and the expertise of Paul Irwin converge to bring you a holistic journey toward rejuvenation and vitality.


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